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FitCalc Fitness Calculator PRO

开发 Yuriy Yunikov
1.49 usd

Living a healthy way of life, prefer sport & fitness or just would like to know more about your health? In this case, this app is for you!FitCalc is a second version of popular app - Fitness Calculator 1.0 ( FitCalc PRO is an offline fitness app that helps to optimize your body, health and nutrition.
Special in Pro version:✓ Ad free;✓ Dark and light themes;✓ Daily reminders for water intake, food intake and workouts;✓ Import of food data;
Key features of FitCalc:✓ Easy calculations of the following parameters: • BMI (body mass index) • optimal weight • daily calories • training heart rate • maximum heart rate • daily water intake • one repetition maximum • body fat • and even more!✓ View of your nutrition status with recommendations and weight forecasts;✓ Calorie counter for daily tracking of your meals;✓ Possibility to add your own foods & dishes, categories and subcategories of foods;✓ Support of metric and imperial measurement systems;✓ Dashboard with daily statistic about your health;